"Highly Recommend. Irina gave me the best message I've ever had. Just the right touch and always intuned to my comfortable level. She relieved the tightness in my muscles. It was so relaxing. Her space is perfect. It helps to create a tranquil experience. Very professional. I can't wait for the next message!"
- Christine Muir
"Fantastic. Irina is a very knowledgeable and gifted masseuse. She combines several techniques which provides an overall feeling of wellness. I highly recommend her!"
- P.G.
"Great therapy. I cycle year round, and need to keep muscles loose. Irina worked out knots in my legs and back. It made for better rides after my visit. Feeling good!"
- George Vlahos
"As always my hour with Irina was a blessing. She is a gifted masseuse and treats me with respect. I highly recommend her."
- Beth S
"My 3rd deep tissue with Irina who is lovely, very dedicated and skilled. Her technique is somewhat unique and enables a much more effective result. I feel grateful to have finally discovered her practice right in my home town."
- Ena S.
"Very relaxing massage. Irina is terrific. She seems to have a special technique (at least I have not encountered before) that is very effective in loosing up tight muscles and bringing swift relief. And the overall massage is also terrific. Highly recommended"
- Robin C.
"Fantastic! Irina is fantastic. She starts every appointment with a conversation about any issues or concerns about your body. She has resolved neck and back tensions and stress. I even had Achilles’ tendon tightness and after her treatment walked out with no pain. I highly recommend her!"
- Lauren O.
"Irina is a wonderful masseuse and has helped me heal from surgery. She provides therapeutic massage that targets just what your body needs and it works! She is the best!"
- Alyson C.
"Pain melts away. I've been going there for a few months now and picked the location based on reviews and true to what people have said its been a great pick! I've gone with back or knee or overall body stiffness and invariable came back feeling better every time. During the massage there is conversation to make sure the right pains are being addressed and you will feel the knots melt away. The massage location is rather nondescript but the place is very clean and comfortable. I will continue visiting"
- Alyson C.